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Our Mission:

To protect and advocate for companion animals.

The Lauren Elizabeth Foundation’s mission is to protect and advocate for companion animals. It is our belief that these loving animals reciprocate to us by creating a supportive bridge to recovery and emotional stability for mentally and physically challenged humans desperately in need. Our goal is to work with organizations and shelters to build a humane community that promotes compassion and seeks to strengthen the human-animal bond.

Efforts of the Lauren Elizabeth Foundation include supporting spay, neutering and immunization programs, as well as rescue and rehoming animals in the rural areas of the state of Nevada.

Lauren Elizabeth

The Lauren Elizabeth Foundation was formed after the loss of our daughter, sister and friend, Lauren Elizabeth, in September 2018. One of the most valuable assets Lauren had during her long journey through addiction and mental illness was her service dog Ivy. Always faithful, never leaving Lauren’s side, Ivy provided non-judgmental and continual companionship and emotional support when others could not. Lauren was a passionate animal advocate for her entire, yet short life and our ultimate goal is to honor her passion. She volunteered endlessly at local shelters in an effort to return the love and support she received from Ivy for eight years of her precious life.


Jennifer Ashton Lauren Elizabeth Founder

Jennifer Ashton

President | Founder

Rodney Ashton Vice President Lauren Elizabeth Foundation

Rodney Ashton

Vice President

Jordan Ashton Treasurer Lauren Elizabeth Foundation

Jordan Ashton

Director | Treasurer

Judy Harris Secretary Lauren Elizabeth Foundation

Judy Harris


Board of Directors

Samantha Rayburn Board Member Lauren Elizabeth Foundation

Samantha Rayburn

Board Member

Kreigh Warkentien, Board Member at the Lauren Elizabeth Foundation

Kreigh Warkentien

Board Member

Leah Cashman Board member Lauren Elizabeth Foundation

Leah Cashman

Board Member

Traci Cecchini Board member Lauren Elizabeth Foundation

Traci Cecchini

Board Member

Ali Cashman Lauren Board Member Elizabeth Foundation

Ali Cashman

Board Member

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